Registered Medical Transcriptionist Exam

The Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) exam was created to test a person's professional skills as outlined by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) Medical Transcriptionist Job Descriptions in the first level. Level 1 Medical Transcriptionists (MTs) are defined as: medical language specialists that are able to transcribe dictation by doctors, but may need help if something is unclear or inconsistent. This exam is ideal for MTs who have either recently graduated, been working for under two years in acute care, or who have been working in single-specialty practices. If the exam is passed, a person is registered for three years until they are up for renewal. Renewal can be granted if the medical assistant retakes the exam or completes the AHDI RMT Recredentialing Course.

The exam consists of 130 questions, some of which are multiple-choice. The multiple-choice questions can be on anything from transcription standards and style, to clinical medicine, to health information terminology. There is also a fill-in-the-blank section. The fill-in-the-blank section will play an audio clip for the medical assistant to interpret with correct grammar and style. A pass / fail score is available immediately upon completion of the RMT exam.

Certified Medical Transcriptionist Exam

The Certified Medical Transcriptionist Exam is administered to people who are already registered medical transcriptionists and have the minimum experience of two years as an acute-care transcriptionist or the multispecialty equivalent. These people are considered Level 2 MTs. Level 2 MTs are described as: someone who transcribes and interprets dictation, researches questions, and educates others. They are seasoned individuals who demonstrate depth in their field and are capable of addressing non-routine problems on their own.

If a person is not registered, but has adequate experience, they may take the combined Level 1 / Level 2 Credential Qualifying Exam (CQE). People who pass either the CMT exam or the CQE are recognized as certified for three years. When the three years are up, they must renew. To renew certification, one must complete 30 continuing education credits through professional development activities, which can be completed during the three years of certification.

The CMT exam is 120 questions long. Like the RMT exam, it contains a multiple-choice section as well as a fill-in-the-blank audio transcription section. There is an additional SRT editing against audio section where one is to listen to an audio clip, find the error, and correct it. A pass / fail score is available upon exam completion.