Medical transcription schools offer several types of medical transcription degree and certification programs. If you want to be a medical transcriptionist and work in the rapidly growing field of healthcare administration, you'll need to find a medical transcription school that offers the programs you want, and provides you with the skill set and knowledge you need to succeed in your career. If you don't live near an accredited school or training center, consider enrolling in one of the many medical transcription schools online. Online schools allow you to work on your own schedule and may provide you with some more flexibility when you are tending to a full-time job or raising a family.

Programs at a Medical Transcriptionist School

A medical transcriptionist school will typically offer both a certificate program and set of degree programs. Medical transcriptionist certification programs typically take between six months to one year to complete, and prepare the student for entry-level positions in the field. Associate's degree programs at a medical transcriptionist school are typically two years in length and can provide advanced training for positions beyond the entry-level. Medical transcriptionist degree programs and certification programs may be offered in both online and offline formats, and will prepare you to sit for the national licensing exam or apply for a position right after graduation.

Some medical transcription schools also offer bachelors, masters and PhD programs in the field. A bachelor's degree typically takes four years to complete. A master's degree will take about two years to complete and a PhD program may take an additional two to five years after a master's degree. Most employers prefer to hire transcriptionists who have completed at least a certificate program or an associate's degree at an accredited school. All certificate and degree programs provide students with hands-on training and help them build their skill set in transcribing recorded dictations using special types of software programs.

Attending Medical Transcription Schools Online

If you are working while completing your medical transcription program or you live very far away from an accredited school or training center, consider enrolling in one of the many medical transcription schools online. Online programs provide the same type of coursework as those that are available in a traditional classroom setting, but all training is web-based and you may be required to complete some of your tests and quizzes completely online. Many online programs also require students to use the latest web-based medical transcription software programs, and this type of training can help the student throughout their careers.

You can find both certificate and degree programs at medical transcription schools online, and these training formats can provide some more flexibility for working professionals, stay-at-home parents and anyone who cannot attend a traditional campus for their medical transcriptionist training. Students enrolled in an online program do need to be very disciplined about their schedule and maintain a high level of self-motivation throughout their training. Still, attending medical transcription schools online offers several benefits for those who want to get their medical transcription certificate or degree as quickly as possible.