When you're researching different career options in the field of healthcare administration, you may have come across information about becoming a medical transcriptionist. There are several advantages of being a medical transcriptionist over other types of administrative career paths, and it's a good idea to take some time to weigh out the pros and cons of these positions to find out if this career is the right match for you. One of the biggest advantages of being a medical transcriptionist is that you can work from home. Many stay-at-home parents and those who work at a part-time job outside of the home find that this type of job offers more flexibility than in-office positions and is also very rewarding.

Here's a close look at the top 5 advantages of being a medical transcriptionist, and other benefits of pursuing this type of career.

What are the Benefits of Being a Medical Transcriptionist?

If you have a strong attention to detail, fast typing skills and are willing to learn some medical terminology, you could be a good candidate for a career in medical transcription. Medical transcriptionists are trained to transcribe recorded dictations from a doctor, physician or other healthcare professional, and to produce accurate reports and medical documents from these notes. The dictation is typically performed via phone-in recording or it may be stored in some type of media file. When you are trying to decide whether this career path is right for you, consider the advantages of being a medical transcriptionist over other administrative careers in the medical field.

Many people seek out this career path because they can work at home and are comfortable working in a more independent environment. The transcriptionist simply receives the audio files and other data that needs to be transcribed, and then creates various types of reports. If they don't work at home, they may work in a hospital setting, at a medical facility, at a medical transcription company office or at a doctor's office. Most, however, are independent contractors and will set their own pay rates and hours. These are among the many advantages of being a medical transcriptionist.

Top 5 Advantages of Medical Transcriptionists

The top five advantages of being a medical transcriptionist include:

  1. Working independently. Most medical transcriptionists to work from home or in an office and are independent contractors. This means they can set their own pay rates and work schedule, and may be able to work with several different clients. Many get to be their own boss, and can enjoy an unlimited income potential throughout their career.
  2. Use the latest technology. Medical transcriptionists are trained to use the latest technology, computer programs and software.
  3. Easy certification and degree completion process. Medical transcriptionists can complete training that lasts between six months to five or more years, depending on the level of education they want to complete.
  4. Skills are high in demand. Demand for skilled and qualified medical transcriptionists continues to increase as the healthcare field grows rapidly. There will always be jobs available for medical transcriptionists.
  5. Option to specialize in a field. If you want to work exclusively for a specific type of doctor or healthcare practice, you can specialize in a certain field and earn a higher than average income.